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Hey there Gigi-

I'm a loyal reader!! I enjoyed reading your previously posted entries. I work in Detroit, right next to Greektown, so I can share in some of yuor experiences. But I sure don't have to sleep there! Glad you are no longer in the downtown. We live in the suburbs and I like it a lot out here. How is the baby doing?


Hey again Gigi-

I accidentally deleted your email address, so I'm sending you a Happy Valentine's Day this way! Hope you have a good day with your hubs and baby!! I am TOTALLY loving this snow because it's a snow day today! Yeah, no school!!

another girl in detroit....

I've lived in Detroit for almost six years.
Which means, for six years I've been looking for the words to describe my experience...

I just found them, right here in your site.

"You can't win."

Ahhh, I love it here, but you're matter what you just can't win.


So what your unforgetable experience.. share us..

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