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I'm in love.


Awwwwwwww. He's just too, too cute. Lookit those big eyes!

Glad you're taking steps to get moving. It really is a big component of depression, and, of course, depression makes you not want to move, so it's this downward feedback thing.

Now I need to re-read that paragraph I just wrote and internalize it...


Oh he is SO cute! Glad you got to get out and do a little yoga. I have found a good work out routine (3-4 times a week) helps keep the depression at bay (or at least manageable). I know you might not be able to do that as often cause of the little guy, but any little but will help!

ZOE's Papa

Glad to hear things are settling in for you guys. The boy is definitly cute. Especially like the bunny outfit. Hope you received your copy of Craft. Thought you might appreciate it. Hope to see you guys soon, missed you at New Years.


Oh Gigi he is gorgeous!!! I haven't stopped by in awhile and I'm so glad I did! He is beautiful.

I LOVE yoga. Did it during my pg, and when Mom passed, it was the only thing that kept me sane. Keep it up, you will get hooked! Love M

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