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My little dictator is almost 4 weeks old and...well...I hate to say it, because EVERYONE says it...but it does get easier.

I don't know if it gets better. Really, I hate breastfeeding and am only doing it because I know it's better and blah, blah, blah....but I'm happy to say that I hate it slightly less today than yesterday.

What no one has told me yet is how it gets better. Here's what I've noticed:

The latching is improving. The initial searing pain that comes after latching that is so severe that I get a little headache and start sweating is getting to be less. She is staying on longer. I am producing more milk. I am getting better at multi-tasking so that I do not have to sit stone-cold still unable to even turn the channel on the remote for fear of having to go through latching again (infact I got through two chapters of a book this morning and forgot for a moment I was even nursing!). Best yet, at night, I have perfected the stomach-to-stomach position so that I can sleep while she eats. This has improved my quality of life immeasurably! (Of course, it forces us into co-sleeping from 4 a.m. until we wake up, but hey, I'll take it).


I hope you have the same experience as Sarah, and that it gets easier for you. One of the MAIN reasons I ended up letting both my kids sleep, for certain periods of time, with me in my bed is that I could fall asleep while they were nursing. God that sleep is needed... Anyway, Gigi - if you nurse, great, and if it really doesn't work out, you have done your best. I know you're trying. Nothing you do or don't do will ever be able to change that "enlightenment" you feel as a mother. You Are A Mother. Welcome to the group, my dear... breast feeding or no, you love your child, you are a mother, and all is good.

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