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Oh, honey. You've worked so hard. It's a great thing you've tried and you have to follow your heart on this. I really recommend you try the shields... it will keep you from getting sore but still let him nurse. Or, you could continue to pump and bottle feed. At least then he would still be getting breast milk. If you do decide to switch to formula, no one would hate you for it. Besides, it's none of their business anyway. It's you and your child. No one else matters. Either way, Zoe and I are rooting for you!


I am so sorry. I can't say that I understand the difficulty that you've had- I was very lucky in that respect, but my work situation is forcing me to wean except for 2 feedings a day (which I'm not sure will work), and I completely understand the guilt.

The one thing that I will say is that as stressed out as this is making you isn't good for your son. A happy mom is just as beneficial to him. I'm not trying to say that you should quit, that's nobody's decision but yours- but if it's what you need to do, don't feel guilty about it. Focus on the good things you are giving him... like extra quality time with mom, and whole lot less frustration!

Good luck!


You. Are. Not. Quitting!

You have done what you can. You love your baby, and nothing - NOTHING - changes that. There are millions of very well loved, healthy, well nourished children who were bottle fed. Gigi, you need to do what is best for the baby AND for you. Frustration and stress is not good for you. You are a wonderful, loving mother! Don't you ever think otherwise.


Oh, and what I mean is that quitting is like you have given up and it is a bad thing... you are switching tactics. You need to be happy and stress free - you are being proactive (not quitting) and making a change to make things better.

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