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I'm sitting here actually kind of speechless. If you actually deliver on Saturday... OMG! You simply MUST print out those two horoscopes for his baby book if that happens.

Girl, I miss you. And I know I'm the worst correspondent in the whole world. But I miss you.

I'm going to just sit here on pins and needles now until Saturday!


Do you mind me asking where you found the horoscopes? I have never really put much stock in them... but after reading that! Wow. I may need to read my own now! I doubt that I'll find anything so conclusive as yours to predict my delivery date though... it would just be too amazing.


CLEARLY it's going to be the 14th! However, I was kind of hoping for the 13th. The 13th is my lucky day, and I've always been partial to Friday the 13th as well. You know, my crazy religious beliefs and all... :) Whatever day he arrives will be the perfect day, though, I'm sure.


Thanks for the comment! I hope you are on your way to the hospital to have your own little bundle! GOOD LUCK!

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