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I've heard good things about Pizza Hut pizza salad? at Olive Garden.

Ah, you've hit that "I'm just so sick & f'ing tired of being pregnant that I WANT THIS CREATURE OUT OF ME!!!" point. No advice or help, just pointing out that you are in the end stages now, and soon the creature WILL be out of you. Woohoo!


I SOOOO understand where you are at. The one I also tried was pineapple- apparently there is something in the enzymes that helps. For lunch the day my water broke I had eaten a spicy thai fried rice with pineapple, so perhaps the combo of spicy & enzymes. =)

Hang in there... those last 2 weeks are the worst, but as much as you don't believe it, it does end and you will never care how miserable you were.

Sharla C

Hi, there! My name is Sharla, and I am due on the same date as you. I check in on your blog every once in awhile. I can feel your frustration with 'wanting Baby out!' I am pretty tired of pregnancy myself. I have a friend who swears by drinking raspberry leaf tea, so if/when you get desperate, she says it works. (If I get to that point, I may try it myself!) Anyhow, good luck, and hopefully the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy goes well!


I'm probably the last person you want to hear from right now... but I thought I'd chip in with the following: hours before going into labor I ate entirely too much spaghetti with extra garlic, three enormous glasses of (probably from powder) lemonade and an entire carton of Ben and Jerry's "Neapolitan Dynamite" ice cream. We think it was the ice cream. =) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you girl. Oh. And by the way. Get the epidural. I didn't have time. Wished I had. xoxo

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