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What a faboo banner! I love it! (And I didn't see the interim version--I even had to hit refresh to see your new one once you mentioned it in the post.)

"Perfection" is one way of hiding. I'm glad you're coming out of your shell a bit at a time.


Gigi, I noticed the new banner that day and thought "oh, she changed her banner." I'm not big on details, and only noticed today that it looks slightly different now. :)


first, i didnt see the bad banner either. and second i wanted to tell you that when i first met you i thought you were PERFECT i wanted to be just like you. never mussed like myrna or claudette. then i got to know you and just got used to this perfect looking you. my first thought when i saw you the night i met bruno was not about your hair or makeup or your darn cute shoes, it was "wow, look how HAPPY and HEALTHY my beatiful gigi looks!
look at that glow." it took seeing the change to notice how unhappy you were before. even your brother said he'd never seen you look that good.
you are growing so much and coming so far and we are so happy and proud of you. YOU are great.
i still want to be just like you.

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