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I wish we could be there with you guys right now. *sigh* We miss you & we're just so proud of Bruno. :-)

And, on the subject of the last name... on May Day I got a couple of funny comments because of that. Hilarious!


Hey Kate! We could have taken the day off?!? I completely didn't even think of that! Stupid me! ;-)


I can't wait to see the pics!


I want to see a pic too since we are around the same stage. I am 15 weeks this upcoming monday. I have also been feeling more naseaus too and I dont know why. I am still on meds though but wanted to get off of them and now I am worried if I do BAM I will be toliet hugging again. Sigh. I also finally got a nice maternity stash going on. My first preg I just got by on whatever cheap stuff I could but this one I decided to buy nice clothes. You never know it may be the last one for me so hey 50.00 per pants eh...we will swing it so I can look super cute!


t6Rbo1 Hi Rabzebuddy! Google.

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